Right business solutions make possible to make right strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Artificial Intelligence uses the latest technologies to extract valuable insights from data and unlock a company's hidden potential. This leads to a deeper understanding of business processes and significantly improves efficiency and effectiveness by preempting rather than reacting to challenges.

Financial accounting fulfils the statutory requirements. Almost all global companies follow the US-GAAP and IFRS for international accounting standards and Sarbanes Oxley for the effectiveness of their internal accounting controls.

Management accounting (controlling) makes exploring the internal business status possible. It should not be used to control the business activities; instead it has to focus on performance improvements.

Planning process should be lean and simple. It should drive the business growth.

Reports give messages, which should be clear and simple. Reports and KPIs should only be a handful. The structure of reports should reflect a true and transparent performance. An excellent report is available on Day 1 and a best report on day 3. A report after day 3 could be old.