My Motto: Mutual Achievements have more Quality.

I am grateful to everybody who directly or indirectly contributed to my achievements. Some selected achievements are as follow:
Ph.D. Scholarship holder; achieved Ph.D. grade
“magna cum laude” (great distinction).
Assistant of Professor at the University and gave seminars as a foreigner in German language. (Employer’s comments)
Developed and implemented a multilingual concept for a house made ERP system; cost saving for foreign companies in Mio Euro
range. Successful implementation of Process Management Solution in SAP (in time and budget). The designed solution was used as a Group Controlling Model. (Employer’s comments)
Project Management of step-by-step and big-bang SAP implementations (full life cycles), especially within international rollout programmes; development of global integration testing methodology used by other rollout countries. Received a special customer award.
(Employer’s comments)
Development and Marketing of a consulting product; built-up a new team of consultants and won new clients as success stories with valuable references. (Employer’s comments)
Key Account Management (Delivery Management) for an international Group with revenue in Billions Euro. Built-up a long term relationship and increased our consulting revenue from Zero to Mio Euro range. (Employer’s comments)